Confidently secure your patient data.

Every healthcare provider collects, stores and shares sensitive health information. Give yourself - and your patients - peace of mind about privacy. myla is an easy and affordable solution to confidently protect against cyber attacks like breaches and ransomware.
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Equip your team.

myla trains your team on the latest data privacy + cybersecurity awareness in about 30 minutes. Plus it's specific to the unique operational needs and regulations of dental practices in Canada.

Stay safe online.

From essential training to in-depth prevention and policy creation plus ongoing support, myla helps you - and your data - stay safe online.

Taught by: Anne Genge

Instructor + myla founder

Anne is the founder of myla Training Co., and a multi-certified cybersecurity expert with global awards for her work in cyber risk management, ransomware prevention, as well as cybersecurity education for healthcare providers. She has been a tech innovator and educator working closely with practice owners, dental/medical teams, and IT providers to protect patient and practice data and enable compliance with privacy regulations for more than 20 years in Canada.
Anne Genge

How myla makes cybersecurity training easy

We’ve trained over 50,000 healthcare providers in cybersecurity

Would definitely recommend.
Not only did the instructor know her stuff, she’s hilarious. Would definitely recommend this training. ”

Kendra S.

High level peace of mind.
The instructor is an expert in their field, offers a high level of peace of mind about data security, and shares information in layman’s terms. ”

Denise S.

We had no idea how much we were missing.
The templates were great! We feel so much better about having what we need in order. We had no idea how much we were missing. Thanks to you and your team for all your help! ”

Sarah T.

It helped me understand it all.
I like how the instructor tells stories to help explain things. My IT guy speaks in another language but this helped me understand it all. ”

Greg P.

Very easy.
The instructor was very knowledgeable and explained things in a very easy, non threatening manner. ”

Suham A.

Reasons to choose myla training

  • Dental specific

    myla's training programs are specifically developed for the healthcare industry and their unique operational needs and regulations.

  • Bite sized

    Lessons are short and succinct, because it’s the best way for most people to comfortably learn and retain new information.

  • No geek speak

    Good-bye confusing techno babble! Hello plain talk and memorable stories that capture important concepts.

  • World class instructors

    Instructors bring decades of industry and training experience with multiple awards and accreditations in their fields.

  • Instant ROI

    The exact training your team needs and it doesn't take long. Learn defensive tactics that can be implemented right away.

  • Access immediately, anywhere

    Stream immediately after purchase and on-demand from almost any device worldwide with an internet connection.

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Live and interactive webinar with Canada's leading experts in cybersecurity and data privacy for dental practices.

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