• How do I buy more than one Cybersecurity Essentials for Dental Teams 2022?

    If you need to purchase a training program for multiple people, you can complete the checkout process for each person individually. But this might not be convenient if you have a lot of people to register. If you would like to avoid entering trainees individually you can purchase in bulk by emailing us directly at hello@myla.training to start a bulk purchase.

  • Do I purchase the Cybersecurity Essentials program personally, or only through my dental practice?

    It's up to you. Any of our programs can be purchased personally, or through your employer. If you purchase personally, your invoice is downloadable in case you can be reimbursed by your employer.

  • Do we need to purchase more than one Cybersecurity Essentials program?

    If you represent a dental practice with employees, the Cybersecurity Essentials program should be purchased annually for each member of your team. A certificate of completion will have the name and date of completion of the single person who registered. Ideally you would have a certificate of completion for each employee or agent at your practice.

  • Is the training required by law?

    It depends. In most jurisdictions, annual security awareness training is required for anyone with access to patient health information in order for the practice as a business to meet privacy compliance. Legal requirements and penalties will vary, with some businesses in certain locations having very little responsibility while others will have stricter responsibilities and penalties. Most regulatory colleges either require, or strongly recommend security awareness training in order to maintain accreditation. We recommend you check with your regulatory college to obtain a copy of their guidelines for electronic medical records, and also check the Information Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s guide to Canada’s Privacy Laws here: www.priv.gc.ca or speak to a lawyer in your area to clarify your legal responsibility as it relates to cybersecurity.

  • Does the certificate of completion expire?

    Yes, it does expire. Training certificates are valid for the calendar year. It must be completed annually by every team member to keep your cybersecurity and data safety awareness up to date.

  • What's the difference between Cybersecurity Essentials and the Member Program?

    The "Cybersecurity Essentials for Dental Teams" is an annual cybersecurity awareness training designed for all team members at a dental practice. The "Member Program" is an ongoing monthly subscription that gives you access to bonus trainings, exclusive resources, email alerts, and discounts from myla.

  • What payment types do you accept?

    We currently accept major credit cards, including VISA and MasterCard

  • Do I get a receipt?

    Yes. All purchases will automatically send an invoice as receipt of purchase to the email used to register for the program.

  • Can I get a refund?

    If you have purchased a program in error and have not viewed or downloaded any of the content, a refund may be granted within 7 days of purchase. Reach out to hello@myla.training immediately to discuss a refund.

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